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Using Vicks Vapor Rub For Treating Acne - Health Orienteer
Using Vicks Vapor Rub For Treating Acne

Using Vicks Vapor Rub For Treating Acne

Vicks Vapor Rub For Acne

I will never forget the time when I felt extremely uncomfortable with how my skin looked. Being a teengaer I always wanted to have some magic cure to solve this problem, but it took me years to find the effective yet simple remedy.

Recently when I was looking for acne treatment, I came across the Vicks Vapor Rub, which according to the reviews has been a real miracle for many people. Having decided to get rid of this embarrassing and uncomfortable acne I completed the full procedure and now I would like to share my personal experience. I think that following guide will be helpful for anyone who is looking for an acne solution and has not decided yet which method to follow. So without a further ado let’s get started and see the results of my existing journey with Vicks Vapor Rub.

What Is Acne and Why Do I Have It?

Generally speaking, there are different types of acne but the most common one which we refer to while speaking about this issue is the acne vulgaris. The following type of acne is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and sometimes oily skin. Before we start analyzing the possible solutions to this common problem let me just explain what is actually happening inside our skin.

Every day we lose millions of dead skin cells to regenerate the new ones, which is a normal routine for our body. Those dead cells get out of our body by the tiny little pores on our skin which are connected to the oil glands also known as the Sebaceous glands. The oil glands secrete a special substance called sebum which moisturizes the skin and makes it waterproof. The problem begins when the pores on our skin are blocked with oil, bacteria and dead skin. Even though the pores are blocked our body still continues to produce sebum, which causes the hair follicles to be plugged with dead skin cells. All this excess oil and bacterias builds up underneath our skin creating the bump. Furthermore, our immune system is also trying to fight the infection with white blood cells, which cases the skin redness.

Vicks Vapor Rub As A Remedy

When it comes to acne treatment I have heard some pretty off the wall products, like toothpaste. However, there is something you probably haven’t thought about and that’s Vicks Vapor Rub. There are lots of Health Forum on the internet where people are stating that the following product actually works, but it must be noted though the Vicks certainly don’t market their product as an acne treatment. The only Proof you’ll need regarding the effectiveness of Vicks VapoRub is that it’s still around 120 years after it was first formulated for being a decongestant, cough suppressant, and joint pain reliever. It does work very well for all these complaints listed but it’s also great acne treatment. While many products only work for a short period of time and particularly on the milder cases of acne, none of them are able to completely wipe out the boss of all pimples – “Cystic Acne“. Vicks Vapor Rub can work wonders on the bigger more irritating blemishes or even scars within a couple of days.

Where and How to Apply The Ointment

How To Apply Vicks Vapor Rub

I have seen people applying the product a bit differently, so I decided to give my personal recommendations on how to do the following procedure the right way, in order to get the maximum results.

Clean Your Face

Dip the cotton into the jar and scoop out a tiny amount of cream which is just enough to cover the affected area

Smear the ointment over the acne, the same way as you would use a regular topical acne medication

My advice is to apply the cream on your face with the Q-Tip (Cotton swab) since you don’t want to be using your hands because acne can simply spread on an entire face. Also, try to use multiple Q-Tips if you are going to apply the cream in different places.

What Happens When You Put The Cream On Your Pimples?

Once you put the Vapor Rub on your pimples and trouble spots on your face you will soon see the significant result. The ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil, Cedar leaf oil, and Menthol can help draw the bacteria out of your skin and shrink your pimples or just reduce the swelling. If you have acne prone skin, have tried many things but nothing works, give a try to this product and I’m sure you will get relief and see its effect in just one night. Vicks VapoRub is an effective solution and moreover an effective treatment to get rid of acne problems as it swells the pimples and facial wrinkles and provides relaxation if it is regularly applied for one week.

What Are The Consequences Of Using Vicks To Treat Acne?

Since you normally use this product for coughs, nasal congestion there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use it for acne treatment. The main caution while applying the Vicks Vapor Rub on your face is that you should not pop a pimple. The main reason is that camphor (the element which gives the Vicks VapoRub waxy substance) should not go inside the body, as it can cause serious side effects.

Plus be careful when and how long you apply the Vicks because there are a couple of ingredients that are potentially dangerous if consumed or used for an extended period of time. Including the Cedar leaf oil and Nutmeg oil, although both are used in aromatherapy they are still classified as poisonous and have been linked to various side effects such as hallucinations, abdominal pain, and seizures. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that your skin has to adjust if it’s a first time applying the Vicks, since you might be allergic to those ingredients and you don’t want to be using it.

Also as mentioned before it’s a good practice to use a Q-Tip and to apply only a tiny amount on your face because of menthol. In case if you put on too much it overwhelms your face, nose and your eyes may water. Just a word of warning: Don’t get any of it anywhere near your eyes, nose, lips, in your ears or down your throat otherwise much pain and suffering will result. So in case if you have acne around your lips, it’s better to wait and not to apply the product close to those sensitive areas.

Also if your acne is severe and it’s not going away I definitely recommend you to visit the dermatologist and don’t waste any time.

Children under 2 years of age: Do not use!

Best Solution To Remove Pimples Overnight

In many cases, Vicks VapoRub had done miracles in a really short period of time. Some people suggest that applying the Vicks on the acne before going to bed can give you significant results, so you will be able to see a vast improvement once you wake up. Plus the following products works equally well on all types of acne even if you have painful cystic acne.

I remember the first day when I applied the cream, it was just before going to sleep. To my astonishment, the next day the size of a pimple was significantly reduced and the pan has also disappeared. There was no redness around the affected area which gave me the motivation to use the cream again.

From that day on I decided to apply VaporRub regularly.

Anna Thompson, Student

Personally, the biggest relief for me was the fact that after applying the VaporRub, the pimple was not growing anymore. On the other hand, it was reduced in size which was a lifesaver for me because previously I would not go to any social events with my friends if I knew that my face was looking terrible. With this treatment, soon I gained confidence and started applying the cream only when I needed it desperately. To be honest it was the only solution for me since I tried a different treatment and nothing really helped or give me any noticeable result.

Ingredients Of Vicks Vapor Rub

There are different ingredients in this product and I would like to give a brief overview of each one, by individually reviewing and providing the information which you can find useful. I encourage you to read the following information since you can make an informed decision whether or not to use the Vicks Vapor Rub.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients are simple and old-fashioned as you’d expect. It mainly includes the oils which are all listed as cough suppressants or topical analgesics, that means pain relief. On their own, most of the elements are antibacterial and can be used for soothing the skin, which is the main beauty of Vicks VapoRub.


Camphor is a waxy, white and transparent substance with a strong aroma, which comes from the distilled woods of the camphor tree and is known as the natural remedy. Camphor has a wide variety of application including the treatment of a painful and irritating cough. The camphor oil is also used to areas with sore muscles and caching joint since the following oil helps rheumatism and arthritis.


It is also used in aromatherapy or during message with other ingredients to achieve the relaxation both mentally and physically. People also apply camphor oil externally on the skin to treat different kinds of problems.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is distilled oil which comes from the dried leaves of the eucalyptus and is characterized by the strong woody and sweet smell. The diluted form of eucalyptus oil is used to treat the respiratory infections, coughs, and asthma. It is also used as an antiseptic, insect repellent and treatment option for wounds, burns, and ulcer. In addition, it has the antibacterial properties, can relieve the pain and stimulate the immune system response.


Menthol is the world’s most popular flavor which is valued not only for its fresh minty taste but also for its cooling effect. It’s also known that the mint leaves are one of the highest herbal sources of anti-oxidants. The inhaling mint aroma also reduces headaches. Plus Mint is used as a rub to provide a cooling sensation to the skin, which effectively desensitizes skin irritations from itching and burns.


Inactive Ingredients

Cedarleaf Oil


The cedar oil is an essential oil which is primarily derived from the different types of conifers and is mostly used to treat rashes and acne. As a natural antiseptic, the oil has found it’s application mostly in treatment procedures for a chronic skin complaint. The main benefit is the special consistency of the cedar oil which can help to cure the acne without drying the skin. Furthermore, the unique features of cedar oil protect the pores from bacterias.

Nutmeg Oil

One of the inactive ingredients in the Vicks Vapor Rub is the Nutmeg Oil, which is extracted from the dried seeds of nutmeg tree by the steam distillation process.

The oil is an essential component in the beauty sphere and according to the history in old Egypt and Chinese medicine, it was used as a skincare product. Therefore Nutmeg Oil is usually found as the main ingredient in various facial scrubs or lotions all thanks to its amazing benefits.

Nutmeg Oil


Petroleum Jelly

Petrolatum which is also referred as the Petrolatum jelly is commonly used in skin care products including the shaving creams, cosmetic body lotion, moisturizers and other. The primary reason for the application of this ingredients is that Petrolatum jelly prevents your skin from drying. The one thing that’s worth noting about petrolatum is that it blocks the pores on your skin, which might not be the best solution for the acne treatment.

However, the following element gives the Vicks the waxy substance and holds all the other elements together. Plus Vicks doesn’t enter into your pores it just sits like a protective layer on top.


Thymol is a special extract from the plant called thyme, which was used back in old Egypt and is still really popular. One of the main traits of thymol is that it can be used as the antiseptic for treating the infections. Since the acne is also caused by the bacterias it’s an ideal solution. In addition, thymol is well known for its expectorant properties and is used in cough medications to treat the bronchial disorders and pain.


Turpentine Oil


Turpentine oil is obtained from distilled resin, primarily from pine trees. It’s an inactive ingredient in the following product and is considered to be a common remedy for treating the pain and infections on the skin, while used in small doses.

The Truth About The Ingredients – Is it Safe?

In total there are 8 different ingredients in Vicks and each of them has various application. However, the main question is whether the following product is safe or not. If we look at the composition of Vicks it becomes clear that most of the elements listed are cough suppressants or pain relief solution used primarily in aromatherapy. In addition, there is an ingredient with antibacterial properties which also stimulate the immune system and helps our skin to fight the infection. Considering all these facts it’s clear that individually all these components are a perfect solution for treating acne if we don’t count the petrolatum. Moreover, it’s worth noting that besides addressing the hormonal cause of the problem Vicks is also a great solution for eliminating the bacteria which causes the Acne. Therefore I personally find this product to be an effective remedy.

Alternative Uses For Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks is an age-old mentholated topical cream intended to relieve throat and chest stuffiness, thanks to its ingredients. But did you know that it can do more than relieve chest congestion? Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about unique and unconventional ways to use this product and I’m sure you will be surprised to learn that it can relieve headaches and back pains, discipline your per and even reduce belly fat. Here I included a couple of my favorite application of Vicks Vapor Rub but in case if you are interested you can check the Surprising Uses For Vicks Vapor Rub in more detail.

If you rub a small amount of Vicks on your forehead it can relieve headache. The mentholated scent will lower blood pressure in your head and instantly relieve pain. Also If you decide to spend time outside with your family then you should definitely consider using the following product as a natural insect repellent.

Moreover, if your pets are running your expensive furniture than you can leave some Vicks in that particular place and your furry little friend will learn the lesson, since both dogs and cats can’t stand the smell of Vicks.

Simple And Effective Methods To Prevent Acne

Even though it a good idea to use different remedies for treating acne sometimes it’s more important to know just the simple methods on how to prevent the acne. First of all, we should maintain hygiene by washing the face twice a day. Also, you should consider using the cleanser in case if your skin is oily or dry since both conditions require the special kind of treatment. For instance, if your skin is dry then a skin moisturizer is a must after each face wash in order to compensate for the dryness. In case if you are using the makeup it’s also important to remove it before going to bed because makeup can easily clog pores which can lead to acne. Moreover while applying any cream on your face try to use Q-Tip in order to reduce the risk of bacteria transmission. And finally, try to apply only a tiny amount of cream on your skin since those sprays and gels can easily block the pores and create pimples.

Final Thoughts

To summarize I think that Vicks Vapor Rub is definitely a good product especially considering my personal experience. Plus if you follow all the instructions it’s actually pretty safe to use. However, it’s worth noting that not everybody has a same type of skin and you might be allergic to some of those ingredients which are included in Vicks. Therefore I would highly recommend visiting the doctor first and only then start using the following product. Also, there are lots of great methods for acne treatment which you can do at home and achieve pretty significant results. But In case if you also liked the Vicks VapoRub please share your personal thought and tell us what you liked most about this product.

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