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Anabolic Cooking: The Ultimate Cookbook and Nutrition Guide
Anabolic Cooking: The Ultimate Cookbook and Nutrition Guide

Anabolic Cooking: The Ultimate Cookbook and Nutrition Guide

​One of the main challenges to enjoy your diet is to cook delicious food, but sometimes it’s hard as we are not professional chefs. I assume that while reading this article you are also an ordinary person who is looking for some simple solutions to prepare healthy food as fast as possible, which I’m going to show how.  

Anabolic Cooking

What Is Anabolic Cooking?

​First of all, I would like to identify what actually is the Anabolic cooking and what’s the main principle behind this incredible program. To start things off I wanted to say that Anabolic cooking is a program which was specifically designed to help you eat healthier whether you want to gain some muscle or lose weight. Plus all the food and ingredients included in this guide are hand-picked to deliver maximum performance in a very short amount of time. The author has simplified all the complicated subjects, to make it more accessible for people since we don’t really take full advantage of our possibilities when it comes to eating healthy food.

Dave Ruel

The men Behind Anabolic Cooking program is Dave Ruel who is a competitive bodybuilder and fitness coach with a number of titles won over the years. Being a certified nutritionist and fitness coach Dave’s main passion is to help young people and generally, everyone who wants to leave a healthy life and truly make a change in his or her life.

Dave Ruel

​It’s also worth noting that the following training program is not only for bodybuilders but for anybody who wants to live a happy and a healthy life while enjoying the food you eat every single day.

The Best Cookbook and Complete Nutrition Guide

​Once you get the copy of the program, you would be surprised with useful information you can get, especially considering the fact that it’s not just the cookbook filled with only food recipes. In addition to the book, you also get the additional information about the calories and the fats included in the meal to simply keep track of your weight loss or muscle gain program. In order to give the overall idea of the book, I would like to review each chapter to provide you with more detailed information about the program itself and the value it offers to the readers.

​​The main purpose of Anabolic cooking books is to give a health-oriented person a brand new recipe book which is specifically designed to maximize your results. Especially considering the fact that almost 83% of our potential result depends on the food we eat and the sleep we get during the night. Which means that besides the workout, if we really want to see some difference first we should pay attention to our diet. ​

​As any other book, the Dave Ruel’s book is not an exception and it also starts with an inspiring story how he managed to transfer himself from a regular guy into and a champion athlete. He also gives an insight on how nutrition and other factors play an important role in the transformation process which actually motivates you as a ready to start reading the book as soon as possible and share your next success story with your family and friends as the author does. Which I think is the most rewarding feeling since you realize that you have finally achieved what you have been dreaming all of your life and apparently, it’s not as hard as you thought at the beginning. It’s also worth noting that the book is laid out in a really intuitive way to provide you with a clear and simple to follow guide on how to start your program right away, without losing any time or getting distracted or confused.

Ultimate Muscle-Building CookBook

​​I will personally show you how to make all kinds of cool meals that actually do taste good and also benefits your body. Please note that what I’m just going to show you is just a sneak peek of an Ultimate Muscle-Building CookBook by Dave Ruel, but if you want to uncover the full potential of the program you have to get the whole program as soon as possible.


The healthy breakfast which you should get daily is primarily based on the protein and fiber to provide you with the most important ​nutrients during the day which will keep your body healthy and full of energy all the time. One of the most memorable recipes from the book definitely is the Blueberry Oatmeal, Protein Waffles, High Protein Pancakes, Chef Fabio’s Omelette and many other which you can find in the book. Also, it’s worth noting that there are a total of 25 different recipes for only breakfast and here I would like to include one of my favorite meals and the preparation guide so that you can also get the taste of the program which this book offers.

Blueberry OatmealBlueberry Oatmeal

INGREDIENTS:• Oatmeal• Egg White• ​Blueberry• ​Vanilla Extract•  ​Whole Milk • Water

Protein 62g 

Carbohydrates 43g 

Fats 10g

Do you want to learn exactly how to cook this delicious food?

Very easy to understand and follow.

Perfect for people that are slightly lazy like me and don’t want to get into too many complications.

Chicken & Poultry

​The cookbook is designed for people who want to build lean muscle as well as strength. Personally, I’ve been looking for such recipe book for a long time, since I’ve done a lot of training over the past few years and my aim was to find an alternative from just eating chicken and rice, chicken and broccoli, chicken and pasta. You know what I’m saying? I was just getting sick of the kind of strict bodybuilding diet and I was looking for something a little different that would be tasty, healthy and would help me achieve my goals. The important thing to consider is that all the recipes are delicious, especially the ones you can prepare with chicken and poultry, many of which fully eliminating the carbs and concentrating on the meat and vegetables.

Roasted Chicken Breast With SpinachRoasted Chicken Breast With Spinach

INGREDIENTS:•  ​Chicken Breast​• Fresh Spinach• Olive Oil• Walnut ​• Black Pepper​•  ​Salt ​• ​Garlic

Protein 53g 

Carbohydrates 3g 

Fats 15g

Red Meat & Pork

​This is another really good chapter in the book which is concentrated solely on how to build the lean muscle with simple meal plans that are easy to prepare and follow. The special section for red meat and pork offers a perfect starting point for bodybuilding diet plus, you get the exact number of calories for food which you will be eating during the day. Moreover, there are a total of 28 different recipes which will definitely meet all kind of needs and taste.

Fish & Seafood

​Also, we should not forget about the fish which somehow completes our meal and gives us some fresh feel. There are fairly simple recipes for making fish and seafood meals. Plus for those of you who are in hurry and need to make food as fast as possible using the canned tuna, authro also includes 15 different recipes.

Walnut Crusted Salmon

Walnut Crusted Salmon

INGREDIENTS:• Salmon Fillet  • Walnut​• ​​Olive Oil• Cinnamon

Protein 44g 

Carbohydrates 4g 

Fats 12g

Soups, Salads, Sides & Others

​The book also brings some side dishes, Salads, and Soups which are pretty easy to prepare and most importantly, can be Vegan-friendly. The following chapter is by far the biggest in the book including over 29 different recipes which take only 5 minutes or less to prepare.

Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

INGREDIENTS:​• ​Sweet Potatoe• ​Cinnamon• ​Egg White• ​All-Purpose Four• Paprika• Salt ​• Black Pepper ​

Protein 5g 

Carbohydrates 31g 

Fats 2g

Snacks & Bars 

​At some point you might be even impressed or excited to see that the program includes the special chapter for the snacks and bars which are also considered to be carb heavy, but at the same time the author has made sure that the snacks you get also includes the right amount of protein necessary to get sufficient amount of amino acids just right after you finish the workout.


Finally, there is a chapter on Desserts which is mostly excluded from other programs for a simple reason, the authors think that they will ruin everything you have achieved so far. However, this book has a completely different approach to the old system and now it also includes some great deserts for your Anabolic muscle building and weight loss program.

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Cheesecake

INGREDIENTS:• ​Cottage Cheese • ​Lemon​• ​Egg• Baking Powder• ​Lemon Zest

Protein 67g 

Carbohydrates 8g 

Fats 5g

Do you want to learn exactly how to cook this delicious food?

Very easy to understand and follow.

Perfect for people that are slightly lazy like me and don’t want to get into too many complications.

Meal Prep Made Easy

​​Building muscles could be really challenging if you don’t pay enough attention to your diet and the nutrients you get on daily basis. Even if your workout program is specifically designed to meet your needs, you still need some time to achieve the noticeable results. However, for most of the people, the diet and the exercise is not an enjoyable experience. Especially considering that fact that cooking the food in every hour is not an ideal solution. Therefore the following guide will provide you with the Meal Prep Shortcut that is going to be an efficient plan which you can follow during the day. Moreover, I can ensure that the food which you prepare will stay flavorful and fresh all the time so that you can enjoy your meal after the workout or before. In addition, this guide will completely change your life and you won’t ever regret having not enough time to prepare some delicious food for yourself.

​Scheduling Meal Pr​ep Time

​​The actual idea behind this technique is all about planning and scheduling your day beforehand. So you should find 1-2 hours per week to prepare all of your food, which most of the athletes do in order to be ready all the time. The following book also gives you an useful information on how to shcedule your meal preparation day and what would be an ideal time to prepare the next meal in order to keep everything fresh and flavorful.  In addition, there are 6 different shortcuts for preparing various food which you would enjoy during the week.

The Supplement Cheat Sheet

​​Supplements are always a most debatable topic and people seem to have quite different or even controversial opinion whether it’s a good or bad idea to include them in your diet. The author tries to encourage their readers not to take any certain type of supplements since you can achieve anything if you eat healthily. It’s also worth noting that the supplements won’t give you any advantage if you don’t follow the well-balanced diet and get enough sleep during the night. If you are doing everything right and you still have some extra money then you can think about buying some supplements.The author also explains whether we need the protein powder to build muscles, by listing all the benefit of protein supplements so that you can make an informed decision based on the information you get from the book. In addition, there is a special chapter where you can learn more about how to increase your performance, keep the recovery time short and most importantly how to get the perfect homemade pre-workout blend.

5 Minute Meals

​​This PDF book includes a hand-picked version of 55 delicious meals which could be prepared in 5 minutes only using the 5 ingredients. This could be the perfect solution for people who don’t have enough time and are always struggling to stay in the kitchen late nights or go to the fast food restaurant which is not always a good solution.Despite the simplicity of this recipes all of those “5 Minute Meals” are perfect for the anabolic program and especially for muscle building. As a starting guidebook author also provide the grocery list that you probably going to need to prepare your next meal. So, no matter whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscles or just for dieting and healthy eating this book is a perfect way to start your healthy life. Plus it will always remain as perfect reference book anytime you need help with your diet.

5 minute meals

Anabolic Shakes

​​​Anabolic shakes is another new addition to the Anabolic cooking series and bar far one of my favorite books with 10 quick and easy to prepare shakes for all taste and preference. What I like most about this chapter is that beside the ingredients you also get the detailed information about the total calories and macros, so that you fine-tune your diet and achieve maximum results in a very short time. Personally, I have been using this guide for a couple of weeks now and I can ensure that those delicious smoothies can be easily prepared with foods you already have in your refrigerator.

Anabolic Shakes

Master The Grill

​​The following book is a perfect resource if you are serious about mastering the art of the Grill and outdoor cooking. The author explains in detail every single aspect, even the difference between the Gas Grill or Charcoal. In addition, there is a special guide on how to prepare the grill, as well as the toolbox inventory that you are going to need during the cooking process, which is really handy. Later you are introduced to most important and interesting part of the book which is the actual recipes of 20 different meal which can be prepared on the grill. The book also includes the ingredient list, the optimal temperature list, the cooking time and other interesting information to make your food taste good.

Master The Grill

​Special Bonus

​​If you buy the Anabolic Cookbook right now you will get the special bonus for FREE!

Final Thoughts

The overall evaluation of the book and the program is pretty positive, and I would say best for the value since you get the 7 different pdf files along with tips techniques and advice from the author as well as over 200 delicious muscle-forging recipes for different taste depending on your personal choice. So you won’t be left out if you don’t like some special ingredients or food, there will be still plenty of dishes to choose and prepare even if you are really picky. Therefore I would say it’s probably the best guide you could possibly get. In addition, you get the exact amount of calories and the ingredients for the meal you are preparing, which is extremely helpful since you have to keep track of the food you eat. 

Few words about the design: The images are really colorful and appealing to the eyes. So the first visual impression won’t disappoint you as a reader and at some point, you might even find those photos memorable and unforgettable.

​In conclusion, this is the best program you can get for the value, ​plus it’s always a good idea to know more about different cooking programs. Even if you don’t like the program you still going to have a really good recipe book which you can use in the kitchen. So get your copy of Anabolic cooking today and start the program as soon as possible without losing any time.

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